Buying original art for your home

Choosing art is very personal. If you’d like an expert’s help to grow your collection, turn to folioeast curator, Coco Myers.

folioeast’s portfolio of artwork includes painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, and mixed media. Coco will help you turn your blank walls into expressions of personal style by finding artwork that suits your taste and your home’s interior. Peruse work by folioeast artists or contact Coco to arrange a consultation or studio visit.

For more information about folioeast services,
contact Coco Myers at

Coco has an impeccable eye and works with a select group of serious artists that have a presence beyond the Hamptons. I could not be in better hands or with a more thoughtful person when it comes to buying artwork for my home.
— Theresa Davis, collector
Coco came to my home and helped me place small works of sculpture. I knew I liked the pieces, and that they spoke to me, but she had a great sense of where they should live, how the light might fall on them and how they would relate to other objects in the room. She understands my taste and and helps me to think outside my comfort zone.
— Lynn Douglas, collector